Perfect Pairs

10 Tea and Dessert combinations that your diners will love

Afternoon Tea is a firmly established dining tradition. Today’s diners though aren’t just looking for sandwiches and scones to have while they sip their tea, they’re looking for a tantalising journey of taste. So take a tip from fine-dining restaurants and introduce a Tea Pairings menu. Complementing your finest tea selections with delectable desserts will lift your Afternoon Tea from mundane to memorable and give guests a dining experience that is engaging, interesting and delicious.    

Japanese Cotton Cheesecake & Asian White & Rose

Smooth and soft, this is a delicate pairing with lightness at its heart. The mild white tea, lifted by the gentle hint of rose, works wonderfully with the creamy, airy soufflé style cheesecake. Deliciously delightful!

Dark Chocolate Cake & Pure Black Ceylon

This pairing punches a powerful flavour profile. The strong black tea an equal, yet mouth-quenching, match for the rich, slightly bitter chocolate cake. The crumbly sponge, creamy filling and vibrant tea work together to deliver an intense and satisfying taste.

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